Susie Jenkins-Brito

Susie Jenkins-Brito is a passionate home cook, food blogger, Registered Nurse, wife, mother, and avid adventurer who lives and works in rural small town Alaska. Her home is in Dillingham, the Western hub of Bristol Bay, Alaska. The Brito family practices a subsistence lifestyle and relies on the commercial salmon fishing industry for their livelihoods. In her small (about 680 sq. foot!) home Susie, and her husband, Bronson, are raising their daughters Bronwyn (5) and Gretchen (2) as well as seasonally their nephew Ethan (12) to learn to live life slow, appreciate good food and to use their hands to increase and share their blessings. Her blog Set the Net is a way of passing on snapshots of rural life and favorite Alaskan inspired recipes.

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