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6 Surprising Uses for Leftover Whey

January 22, 2018
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If you tried our recipe for Farmer's Cheese, then you ended up with some sour whey. Sour whey is one of the results of making an acid coagulated cheese, and sweet whey is one of the results of making a rennet-coagulated cheese. Whey is full of protien, and it's a great addition to a variety of recipes and preparations. so don't throw that whey away!  Here are some ideas for using leftover whey;

  1. Use it instead of water to make juice (we made lemonade and it was awesome).
  2. Add some to a smoothie.
  3. Add a bit to your cat or dog food (if you have chickens, rumor has it they love it, too).
  4. Use as liquid in a marinade for chicken or pork.
  5. Use 1 cup to make polenta with a twist.
  6. Make pancakes with a sourdough like flavor.
  7. Use whey when making stock - adds great taste and extra protien

Remember your whey will be salty, so taste as you're adding to make sure your flavors stay balanced. If you end up with too much way to use in the ktichen, pour it out in your garden - plants also love it. We also learned that some people use leftover whey in the bath tub for super soft skin. Let us know if you try it!



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